Daily hacks: Four ways to care for your wooden furniture

Many furniture items deteriorate over time, and usually wooden furniture starts to get grimy and the finish on the wood starts to fade, making the furniture item look bad and old.

Most times it would be ideal for you to call in wooden furniture experts to assist in bringing life back into your furniture, but sometimes the damage is not too big, and you can fix and care for your wooden furniture all on your own.

These four easy and effective tips from Garden and Home to care for your wooden furniture are the best in ensuring that your furniture looks good and lasts for many years.

Get rid of the dirt

One of the easiest ways to ensure that your wooden furniture lasts very long is to get rid of any dirt as soon as it appears.

Be careful when you are cleaning your wooden furniture though, because sometimes over cleaning your furniture could slowly eat away at the wood’s finish.

Make sure you are using gentle suitable products for your wooden furniture, which will not cause any harm to the finish of the wood or the wood in general.

Coffee stains on the table. Picture: iStock

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Polish like a pro

One of the best ways to polish your wooden furniture effectively is to spray the polish onto a soft cloth which you will then apply to the wooden surface.

Remember to buff off any access polish 20 minutes after polishing your furniture.

Polishing a wooden table with varnish. Picture: iStock

Go the extra mile with caring for your furniture

Mix three parts linseed oil with one part turpentine, then add to two cups hot water. Use a super-fine steel wool or a soft cloth and dip it into the mixture before wiping the furniture to get rid of all the grime and old polish.

Once you are done, you can polish your wood once again, while keeping in mind that you should buff off any excess polish 20 minutes after polishing.

wooden furniture
Homemade remedy to care for your furniture. Picture: iStock

Great hack on removing scratches

If you find any light, small or superficial scratches on your wooden furniture, there is no need to worry or panic. Simply halve a walnut, rub the flat side of the halved walnut on the scratches, and watch them magically disappear.

Scratches on your wooden furniture. Picture: iStock

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